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Our main products:

The HF Receiver RX4010 is a highly professional receiver for all types of communication, surveillance and monitoring. The frequency range is 15 kHz to 30 MHz, with a 10Hz resolution, SSB or SSB/ISB, RTTY and CW AM and CW. This model meets CEPT regulation and is designed according to CCIR recommendations. High MTBF, extensive self-test program and sturdy, modular construction ensures many years of problem-free operation even in a rough environment.

LA76150 and LA76210 meets military, civil and governmental requirements for high- grade HF equipment that can be used for extensive communications. They are designed for working with continuous power output, even under demanding environmental conditions. Combined with the synthesized exciter SE4010, the linear amplifier provides excellent 500 W/1000 W transmitters that cover the frequencies 1.5 - 30 MHz in steps of 10Hz.

When a transceiver solution is needed the antenna switch, AS4010 is mounted into the transmitter.

Dansk Radio has developed a highly advanced Antenna Tuner for civil and military applications in a hostile environment.

The latest high-speed digital switching technology gives one of the fastest tuners available today.

The TU4015 Antenna Tuner can handle l kW PEP/AVG RF power for matching whip and long-wire antennas in the frequency range 1.5-30 MHz in broadband or narrow band tune mode.

The Tuner is fully remote controlled up to 150 m by the Exciter SE4010 and has fast broadband tuning capability for HF frequency hopping within +5% bandwidth.

We recommend the whip antenna, AT101D/S.

Remote control of the RX4010 and the SE4010 is easily performed from the RC4010/TC4010, or from a Personal computer or other computer system using the program, DRAsys.

DRA's Broadband On The Move (OTM) Radio OTM-4010 provides ad-hoc communications to public safety or military requiring a reliable high capacity wireless WWAN in difficult environments.


For reducing external noise from other transmitters we recommend the pre- postselector, RT5830.

For air traffic communication the Selcal Encoder, SC9100 is used.

Connecting several receivers to one antenna requires a receiver multicoupler, like 6016.

To interface a radio network (Receiver and Transmitter) to the telephone network TP9500 is used.

For many years DANSK RADIO has manufactured instruments to measure the salinity of the drinking water in vessels. The recent models are SL6000 and SL6005.

Updated: 2009-06-15


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